I do  travel about a lot as my website shows, but that is generally abroad Just recently I had occasion to travel up to Scunthorpe in Lincolnshire but thanks to two traffic accidents, followed by one traffic diversion along my intended route I’d found myself heading West instead of East, thus getting even further away from my planned destination with each passing mile, before eventually coming to a small town or village, on the outskirts of Stoke on Trent. After about six  hours of having begun my intended three hour journey, I found I had a sat nav that was flat because of a charging cable failure. Although it was only just past five both garages and all the town shops were closed, the town virtually in darkness. Driving through town I`d passed a fish and chip shop in Whieldon Road, so I returned, hoping there might be someone who could offer help.                                                                        

A smiling cheerful girl greeted me from inside’ but I told her I was only there to see if she was able to redirect me to Scunthorpe Lincs. From somewhere she found a map, before asking me for the address, then located the street and house, asking for my phone so I thought that she was going to give me a number to ask directions, instead Amy checked my phone, saying she could put her sat nav on my phone with a voice guide, so I wouldn’t need to be looking at the phone. I agreed and she installed her map faultlessly taking me within a yard of my given destination! Needless to say Amy would not accept anything, saying it had been reward enough to be able to help someone in need.



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