Ken Davies completes half a dozen takeoff’s and landings in one continuous flight in under an hour, setting a new flight school record. Read more below the video clip.

While driving to Aberystwyth to visit my daughter at university there, I made a diversion to bypass a traffic accident, and chanced upon an airfield at Welshpool, so being ahead of schedule, decided to  look around. I got into conversation with someone named Nick, who turned out to be a pilot from the flying school there and having hours  to spare, paid for a completely random flying lesson, which I so enjoyed that I booked more lessons based around each of my trips both down to and then back from the university. As time passed, I took up mountaineering on the Llyn Peninsular joining those trips to those to Welshpool and Aberystwyth , often combining the three. Nobody knew of my flying exploits but I filmed them as time passed and my skills improved apace. I flew over much of Wales, as well as filming mountains I had climbed, and many places I had visited with our daughter, then in the course of conversation at the flying school found that someone had carried out four landings and take offs in one continuous flight, I determined to beat that  record, so broached the idea with Nick. After a couple of trial excursions, as well as Nick flying the aircraft with cameras fitted to ensure that there were no safety or logistical problems, we had our “D Day”.  Apart from Siarrad my daughter, who I had taken down to meet Nick for a flight over her old university and Gareth my son, who I confided in last year, this film is the first that anyone in my entire family will know of my aerial secret of the past thirteen years!     Ken the Pen.

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