Ken The Pen - Flight School - Start Of A New Adventure

The day I found an airfield while detouring to avoid a traffic jam and  persuading a pilot to take me for a  flying lesson since I had some spare time and he had a spare time slot.

Ken The Pen - Flight School - Dancing On Autumn's Airstreams

A Mixture of flights showing the changing landscapes and weather around Welshpool between September and November 2014.


“As you approach two large fields toward end of flight how many sheep are there in the first field then how many cows are there in the second field?”

Ken The Pen - Flight School - The Day I Got My Wings

A good example of the way Nick (the instructor) passes information, while explaining the reasoning behind an action, purpose or extent, leaving me to perform the task. Nick then gives a triple lesson before leaving me to finish the job.

Dancing On Clouds & High Praise


Ken tackles another flying lesson, this time the use of banking to control both the banking, the elevation and the direction that the aircraft would then take. Nick was spontaneous in his praise of the readiness with which the procedure was adopted.

Learning To Drive A Car With Wings

A routine overhaul of aircraft and instrumentation practices before a driving test concerning the protocol and control of the aircraft, prior to navigating the aircraft on the ground while maintaining its positioning along white line markers.

Ken The Pen - Flight School - Winging It

The challenge was to set a new record of take-offs and landings in a given period of time.

Opening lap flown by Nick James to ensure camera presented no hazard. All other laps were flown by Ken Davies.


How many moving vehicles can you see travelling along roads below, in first 30 minutes of flight?


How quickly can you locate the airfield runway as you approach it from different directions?